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What the event is all about
There's no place like The STR Wealth Conference for innovation, surprise and growth! The STR Wealth Conference isn't some boring, stuffy hotel ballroom conference...
It's a HIGH-ENERGY, fully immersive 3-day journey that will leave you feeling like an unstoppable rock star by the time it's over..
Each day will be filled with high-energy presentations from top speakers that are tailored to help you reach your goals. You'll be greeted by our MC, Bill Faeth, who sets the high energy tone for the day and creates a robust LEARNING environment where you can focus and maximize what you learn from the speakers that will come on stage.

Our Incredible Speakers
bill Faeth
Michael Sjogren
Julie george
Sean Rakidzich
Noble Crawford III
Rachel Gainsbrugh
Chris LEdwidge
Mark SImpson
Kyle Stanley
Stacey St. John
TJ Tijani
Ryan Bakke
Kenny Bedwell

What's Included?
Every session presented from the mainstage (Video and Audio)
Copies of the presentations
Any downloads or handouts

Bill Faeth
Never settle for less than 30% Cash On Cash

What were the sessions?
The New Wealth Building Formula
Bill Faeth, founder of Build STR Wealth, Bill & Kenny’s Hot Picks, and 31 additional start ups will guide you through the new formula for building wealth in the short term rental space. This is critical for the investor that is seeking 30% plus Cash On Cash returns in today’s economy.

Make more with your Decor!
A discussion on how to maximize revenue through design and creating a unique guest experience. Featuring design experts Krysten Sjogren & Brea Faeth and our friends at Wayfair

Building a Team so you can ‘Work on the Business NOT in it!’
Julie George will map out the Organisational Structure that allowed her to work 10 hours a week whilst running 130 properties and how you too can build an empire without working 24/7. Learn how to grow a CEO mindset and Recruit, Trust and Delegate tasks to others, Incentivize and Empower team members, Free up your time to grow your business, Avoid Burnout and find a Lifestyle Balance. If you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed in your short-term rental business, this training will be your break-through!

The Real Secret to Success with Short Term Rentals
Mike Sjogren, Founder of Short Term Rental Secrets and operator of 42 units including 2 boutique hotels will walk you through what separate the top 1% of all hosts from everyone else. This presentation will unlock your true potential and bring you to levels you've never been before. 

Unlocking Arbitrage: Scaling with the Lease Model
Sean Rakidzich, a 7-year professional in short term rentals will completely cover, from high level down to the nuts and bolts: the advantages, strategies, techniques, and need-to-know skills involved in leveraging leases to build a large and systemized airbnb portfolio. Sean will be distilling years of wisdom and insights from his fully automated short term rental business where he has generated more than $10,000,000 on the Airbnb platform alone.

Hack your mortgage options 101
In this session owner and co-founder of theLender, Chris Ledwidge will pull the curtain back on the mortgage industry and reveal hacks you can use to find the right mortgage at the best price. These strategies will save you thousands of dollars on unnecessary lender fees and put the leverage in your hands when choosing a mortgage that is right for you.

101 Direct Marketing Tactics Anyone Can Do To Boost Your Direct Bookings
Mark Simpson is the go-to guy in the industry when it comes to Direct Bookings. In his presentation, he will walk you through 101 actionable tactics, templates and tools you can implement into your STR marketing plan that will have an immediate impact on your profits and cut down on your overreliance on Online Travel Agents.

BRRRR BNB to Freedom
We will be discussing how to leverage Privite capital to own your Airbnbs.

Build STR Wealth Using the Tax Code
"In this presentation we will talk about the 3 most important ideas when it comes to gameplanning around taxes: 

The Rich/Wealthy Don’t Work for Money
How can we defer recognition of income but accelerate expenses 
How can we increase our income but lower our taxes"

Finding your next 30%+ ROI STR market in minutes.....
Most vacation rental investors looking for their next great STR investment make the mistake of only looking in markets they are familiar with or what they hear about on social media. They "chase" the returns which tend to lead them to take less than ideal returns than what was done in the past. By analyzing new markets through both logical and emotional data, Kenny will be teaching how investors can find their next big STR market based on their preferences AND still make high returns.

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